Stay STRONG, stay STONE!! ^^

Here we have our first painter, Paula (1ºEP) having fun with her stones!!!

This fun stone was made by Adrián (1ºEP)!!

Aroa (2ºEP) has made some cactus stones!!Wonderful!!

Xurxo (1ºEP) has made some fun stone ladybugs!!!

Iria (2ºEP) has painted many very nice stones !!

Paula (1ºEP) has made a fantastic turtle and an amazing dinosaur tooth !!

Paula (6ºEP) has made a frame and a beautiful background for her owl stones!!! Lovely!

A brilliant ladybug stone made by Noa (2ºEP) !!

Naia (4YEARS) has made this colorful butterfly!!

David (4ºEP) has made a terrifying monster stone !!

Zaia (1ºEP) and Aiala (4YEARS) are very focused painting their SpongeBob and strawberry stones!!

A beautiful red ladybug made by Ainhoa (2ºEP)!!!

Some pretty stone faces made by Andrea (1ºEP)!!!

Noa (3ºEP) has made some cute ladybug and hedgehog stones!!

Noelia (2ºEP) has made a very elegant girl, a worm sunbathing and a bouquet of flowers on her stones!

Brais (1ºEP) has made a bus and a flower stones!!!

Diana’s (3ºEP) stone is surrounded by beautiful flowers !!

Melinda (2ºEP) has made many magic stones!!

Diego (4ºEP) has a stone SpongeBob, and another one from «Social Distance» is very original !!

Claudia (4ºEP) and Rubén (1ºEP) have made these spring stones!!!

Rocío (6ºEP) has made a lot of colorful stone eyes!!!

Antía (6ºEP) has drawn the wonderful Solar System on her stone !!

Sabela (5YEARS) will have a great time with her three in a row of stones !!

Marco (3ºEP) and Alba (4YEARS) with their fantastic stones!!!

Stone Team Work by Saray (5YEARS) and Brais (4ºEP)

Hugo (5ºEP) has made a ladybug asleep on his stone !!!

Carla (2ºEP) has made a huge turtle with her baby!!!

Uxía (3ºEP) has made a stone house!!

Laura (5YEARS) is very happy with her ladybug stone!!

Joao (5ºEP) and Naila (1ºEP) have decorated many stones as a team !!

Ainara (4ºEP) has made a fabulous mosaic in her stone!!

Tatiana (1ºEP) and Thais (4YEARS) have made some funny stones!

Iván (4ºEP) has made a beautiful stone dog !!

Carla (2ºEP) has made some funny stone faces!!

This is a delicious stone made by Melisa(5ºEP)!!

These lovely stones have benn made by Aroa (1ºEP)!!

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