Paula (1ºEP) and her creation entitled: Long live the summer!!! Aroa (2ºEP) has made a shiny fish and an excellent pinwheel!! Iria (2ºEP) has made a delicious watemelon!! Enjoy!! Paula (6ºEP) has made these original summer sunflowers!! Zaia (1ºEP) and Aiala (4 YEARS) have made a beautiful sea!! Xurxo (1ºEP) is thinking about enjoying onSigue leyendo «SUMMER SUNSHINE!!!»

Fresh and healthy fruit artwork !!

Ainhoa (2ºEP) has made these two funny animals!!! Aroa (2ºEP) has made a peacock with grapes, pears, and carrots. Also,a mouse with boiled egg and carrot!!! Paula (6ºEP) has made a mushroom and some watermelon fish and a kiwi mouse!! Andrea (1ºEP) has made some very healthy flowers, a turtle, two rabbits and a worm!!Sigue leyendo «Fresh and healthy fruit artwork !!»


Xurxo (1ºEP) has made an excellent work!! Aroa (2ºEP) has made two original vases!! Iria (2ºEP) has made two nice pencil cases!! Saabela (5YEARS) with her wonderful mosaic yarn vase!!! Paula (6ºEP) has made a fantastic vineyard with a mosaic on the bottom decorating her vase !! Marco (3ºEP) and Alba (4YEARS) have made aSigue leyendo «Little DECORATORS^^»

Stay STRONG, stay STONE!! ^^

Here we have our first painter, Paula (1ºEP) having fun with her stones!!! This fun stone was made by Adrián (1ºEP)!! Aroa (2ºEP) has made some cactus stones!!Wonderful!! Xurxo (1ºEP) has made some fun stone ladybugs!!! Iria (2ºEP) has painted many very nice stones !! Paula (1ºEP) has made a fantastic turtle and an amazingSigue leyendo «Stay STRONG, stay STONE!! ^^»


Our first Artist is…Aroa (2ºEP)!! Tati (1ºEP) and Thais (4 YEARS) have used different materials, I love it !! Paula López (6ºEP) has made an amazing portrait!!Flower power! Xurxo is very happy with his natural portrait!!!Fantastic!! Andrea (1ºEP) has made this original portrait!!!!Great!! Noa (2ºEP) has made a portrait with many daisies!!! And Naia (4Sigue leyendo «**COSPEITO ARTISTS**»

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