Xurxo (1ºEP) has made an excellent work!!

Aroa (2ºEP) has made two original vases!!

Iria (2ºEP) has made two nice pencil cases!!

Saabela (5YEARS) with her wonderful mosaic yarn vase!!!

Paula (6ºEP) has made a fantastic vineyard with a mosaic on the bottom decorating her vase !!

Marco (3ºEP) and Alba (4YEARS) have made a briefcase and some nice and useful pen cases !!

Tatiana (1ºEP) has made a pink mosaic yarn vase !!

Thais (4YEARS) has made a purple mosaic yarn vase !!

Uxía (3ºEP) has made a colorful mosaic yarn vase with animals!!

Noelia (2ºEP) has made a complicated mosaic yarn vase!!!Wonderful!

Carla (2ºEP) has made a nice flowery vase!!

Luis (4YEARS) is very focused decorating his vase with rice, lentils and pasta!!

Rocío (6ºEP) has recycled some glass bottles !! Fantastic idea !!

Andrea (1ºEP) has decorated two bottles and turned them into two beautiful vases !!

This is a cute mosaic yarn vase made by Naia (4YEARS)

Noa (2ºEP) has made a wonderful vase with colorful feathers included!!

Paula (1ºEP) has made a pretty butterfly in her vase!!

How many colors can we find in Noa’s (3ºEP) vase!!!

Zaia (1ºEP) and Aiala (4YEARS) have made some very original mosaic yarn vases !!!

Maria (3ºEP) has made a very shiny vase !!

Brais(1ºEP) has made two elegant vases!!

Lorena (3ºEP) has made this nice vase with a bow included!!

Javier (5ºEP) has made this nice cart vase!!

Hugo (5ºEP) has made this magnificent vase of daisies!!

Ainara (4ºEP) has made a nice vase full of flowers!!

Claudia (4ºEP) and Rubén (2ºEP) have made these orginal vases!!

Iván (4ºEP) has made these beautiful vases with lilies!!

Carla (3ºEP) has made this very pink vase!!!

Carla (2ºEP) has made a very friendly vase!!

Aroa (1ºEP) is happy with her blue vase full of roses!!

Diana (3ºEP) has made these three beautiful pencil boxes!!

This beach vase has been made by Antía (6ºEP)!!

Joao (5ºEP) and Naila (1ºEP) have worked together in their vases!!

Miguel (5ºEP) has made this nice vase with a daisy!!

Melinda (2ºEP) is having a great time making her vase!!

Paula (1ºEP) has made a lovely mosaic yarn vase!!

Melisa (5ºEP) has made a lot of vases!!

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